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What It Costs

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IV Ketamine

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IM Ketamine

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We also offer talk therapy to help sustain the antidepressant effects of  IM and IV ketamine

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Service Offered Length (min) MD Senior Therapist Counselor
Med/Psych Eval 60 $400 - -
Med/Psych Eval 90 $550 - -
Preparation 50 $350 $250 $150
Integration 50 $350 $250 $150
Ketamine Lozenge 110 $900 $700 $500
Ketamine Lozenge 170 $1250 $950 $650
Ketamine IM 110 $1050 $850 $650
Ketamine IM 170 $1400 $1100 $800
Medication Management 30 $275 - -

We are unable to take insurance at this time, and ketamine treatments are often not covered by insurance. We are able to provide a superbill through our medical record system, Luminello. However, there is no guarantee that your insurance will cover the services we provide.

Note: We are working towards implementing a sliding scale, and other creative ways of making this treatment more affordable and accessible for low income persons, while still creating a sustainable business model to foster our growing center.

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