SPRAVATO is now offered at Voyage!

VH Therapist Partner Program

Education Series Calendar

Join us on the second Wednesday evening of each month for an educational zoom discussion.

Nov 15th: Dr. Gail Serruya  – Decision-Making: dosing and routes of administration

Dec 13th: Kait McDermott, NP – Basic Safety: what therapists providing KAP need to know

Jan 10th: Courtney Gable, LPC – Somatics and KAP

Feb 14th: Eliot Klein, MT-BC  – Music Therapy : putting thought into the KAP playlist

Voyage Partner Pricing

Preparing for KAP at Voyage

You will have access to your appointments at Voyage via CHARM but you can also reach out to the Voyage Office Manager, Henry if you have any questions. (215) 774-1306 or henry@voyagehealing.com

You and your client should coordinate the best time for the KAP sessions. The patient should then schedule directly with Henry so that we can follow up and provide them with information about how to prepare for their first KAP Session.   Ideally, the patient can schedule out all of their sessions at once as this will help make sure that they have no managing conflicts in the future. 

Always arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment.  Voyage Healing provides water and tea, but if you prefer something else, please make sure to bring that along. 

You will be responsible for the Integration and Preparation Sessions with your client.

Voyage will be billing the client directly for the KAP sessions.   You split fee portion will be paid to you at the next payroll.