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Ketamine Experiential Trainings

For Clinicians

Ketamine Experiential Weekend Training


13.5 CE available!

$2000 – Student
$3000 – MD/DO

Small group – 8 participants

We are thrilled to offer high-quality, small group experiential ketamine-assisted psychotherapy trainings, in an intimate and unique setting, at a lower cost than many other centers (medical/psych screening included).   Dr. Serruya has carefully designed the Voyage experiential, inspired by her visits to renowned ketamine training centers.  In addition to formulating an incredible group training retreat, she has distilled many key teachings which are essential to building a solid foundation in KAP.

Our Ketamine Experiential Weekend

“All About Ketamine and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy”: Friday evening

What you will learn:

  • The current use of ketamine for mental health issues: What does the research support?
  • Potential side effects and contraindications of ketamine
  • Understanding ketamine’s unique biological and psychological mechanism of action
  • Learning the different routes of administration for ketamine
  • Working therapeutically with psycholytic and psychedelic doses
  • Core competencies for psychedelic psychotherapists
  • Preparation and Integration
  • The role of music
  • Ethics in the psychedelic space
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
The Ketamine Experiential Component: Saturday and Sunday

Our unique small group experiential training is for practitioners seeking to understand ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in an immersive and personal way. Each trainee will have the opportunity to have two experiences and sit for another trainee. Day one is an experience with oral ketamine, which may be more gentle and meditative.  Day two is an experience with  intramuscular ketamine, which may be more psychedelic for some.  Clinicians will also practice sitting for a partner.  Trainees may opt not to experience ketamine personally.  Group preparation and integration sessions will be an integral part of the training.  Our program fosters a cohesive and safe group environment, in which a powerful group experience is possible.

A medical and psychiatric screening is included to determine eligibility.  This training also consists of a preparation zoom a couple weeks before the training, and an integration zoom a couple weeks after.

*Lunch included*

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