Interested in Expanding Your Therapy Practice to Include KAP?

Voyage Community Therapist:

KAP at Voyage

Accompany your client to Voyage for their ketamine session. We provide a medically safe environment and you provide the psychotherapy.  Knowing your client has access to medical monitoring, safety equipment, and rescue medications results in the highest standard of care.

This collaborative experience allows a patient to feel safe and supported with their trusted therapist during their ketamine treatment at Voyage Healing. Indeed, engaging in KAP with one’s own therapist may enhance the overall therapeutic journey and treatment response.

This program has a limited number of spots and is offered to eligible therapists with KAP training through Voyage Healing or an equivalent program. 

In addition to opportunities to do KAP with your patients, other perks include monthly educational talks and peer supervision, frequent Q&A’s with Dr. Serruya and our nurse practitioner, Kait McDermott, as well as opportunities for us to market your KAP practice.  

Voyage Healing also has the capabilities to host KAP group therapy experiences for therapists, where the therapist is providing the group therapy and Voyage is providing the ketamine in a safe setting.   

KAP Prescription Collaboration

Prescription Collaboration is a comprehensive service offered by Voyage Healing, where we are able to provide ketamine troche prescriptions for eligible patients referred by you, their clinician.  Patients then bring their prescription to their therapist’s office to undergo KAP.

This collaborative approach ensures that patients receive expert-guided ketamine treatment programs, with the safety and support of their trusted therapist, leading to improved  treatment outcomes and overall well-being.

Why join the Voyage Community Therapist Program?

1) Preferential access and discounts to live experiential trainings and small group KAP
2) Discounts on Fluence’s online training for in depth KAP continuing education
3) Collaborate with our Prescribers to provide safe access to KAP for clients in your office
4) Ongoing treatment support from our staff and psychiatrist, Dr. Serruya, a ketamine expert
5) Free workshop on best safety practices for therapists
6) Accompany your clients during IM/SQ/IV/troche services at Voyage Healing.
8) Community:  be part of a nascent Philadelphia psychedelic community
9) Monthly KAP teaching and group supervision with Voyage staff