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Ketamine is a rapid acting antidepressant helping people transform their lives. Founded by a board-certified psychiatrist, and leader in the field, Voyage Healing is expertly equipped to lead you on your journey to wellness.


Come learn how to incorporate ketamine-assisted psychotherapy into your clinical practice!

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Why Choose Us

  • Owned and operated by a board certified psychiatrist
  • Our staff are experts in mental health treatment
  • We train other providers in innovative techniques and compassionate care
  • We tailor your treatment program to best suit your needs

How Does Ketamine work?

Ketamine is an NMDA antagonist, representing a novel mechanism of action to treat depression. The NMDA receptor plays a role in modulating the neurotransmitter glutamate in the brain. Ketamine also induces a neuroplastic state, where nerves are forming new growth and connections. Ketamine induced neuroplasticity, may correspond to the creation of healthier neuronal pathways. Ketamine also turns down the default mode network, a network in our brains that is overactive in depression. Turning down our depressive thinking can help lead to healthier and more compassionate ways of being with ourselves and others.
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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

KAP is a growing therapeutic modality that weaves therapy into the Ketamine treatment. This is accomplished in three components:


Therapists And Patients Collaborate To Ensure The Patient Is In A Prepared Mindset For Ketamine. Also, Patients Often Set Intentions For Healing During This Stage.
The Voyage

The Voyage

Therapy During The Ketamine Experience We Term "Voyage" Therapy. Anxieties And Inhibitions May Be Softened With Low Dose Ketamine, Allowing Entry Into Deeper Therapeutic Work.


Integration Refers To Processing The Ketamine Voyage, With An Eye Towards Deriving Personal Meaning And Integrating New Knowledge Into Everyday Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible at Voyage Healing. You will be given eyeshades and headphones and supplied with a curated music playlist for ketamine. Most patients enjoy this experience, but ketamine may feel different to different people. Many describe a floating sensation and a sense of dissociating from their body. Many feel peace and calm. Some may feel euphoria. Others find the experience scary (feeling scared is significantly reduced when one is adequately prepared and in the company of a therapist). Some experience a deep sense of spirituality. One may experience psychedelic phenomena at slightly higher doses, including hallucinations and ego dissolution.

During the ketamine experience, some people feel nausea or dizziness. Using eyeshades can significantly help reduce these symptoms. We can also provide medications as needed to treat nausea. Some people may feel anxious or scared. Preparation and having a therapist present can help one feel safe and soothe anxiety. Occasionally, patients may have a headache. We provide medications that help with mild headaches. During the ketamine treatment, one’s blood pressure and pulse may increase slightly, similar to exercise. For this reason, we monitor your blood pressure and pulse ox.

Ketamine is an NMDA receptor antagonist. There are many complicated changes in brain chemistry when one takes ketamine, and it is postulated that its antidepressant effects may arise from neurons forming new connections. Many believe that during and soon after the ketamine experience, the brain is in a “neuroplastic” state and capable of new learning.

No, it is not safe to drive on the day of ketamine treatment. We require a friend or family member to drive you home for safety reasons.

It is strongly recommended not to go back to work or make important decisions the same day as your ketamine treatment.


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