Voyage Healing of Philadelphia

A Ketamine and Psychedelic Clinic

Voyage Healing is a unique Ketamine clinic in Philadelphia that emphasizes interweaving
psychotherapy into the Ketamine experience. Our mission is to provide excellent clinical care and cutting-edge treatments to our patients using psychedelic medicine.

What makes Voyage Healing Unique?

While most Ketamine clinics work within a medical model in which the patient is a passive participant, at Voyage Healing we encourage you to actively participate in your treatment.  We believe that healing is more personal, meaningful, and sustainable when you are actively engaged. 

Located in a renovated church, we provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to enhance the healing setting. We strive to individually tailor the Ketamine experience to best meet your therapeutic goals.


Ketamine therapy clinic philadelphia

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Contribute to this new frontier! Voyage healing is in the process of building a collaborative team of physicians, therapists, and nurses to offer excellent clinical care. If you are interested in opportunities working on the clinical or administrative team, please click below.

Ketamine therapy clinic philadelphia

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To keep both our Voyage Healing team and our patients as safe as possible, COVID-19 vaccinations are required prior to entering our space.